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Alive and Free

Aug 31, 2023

Lee brought up the question “is angustia sin?”

Angustia is the constriction brought by chemicals in the body from their experiences. Sin is something offencive against moral law. So when you experience something that is against your own morals and your own laws and you feel that disappointment, or that constriction,...

Aug 24, 2023

As we get older and spend more time on this planet, we often create and experience what might be dubbed turmoils and trauma. But these aren’t always bad.

These biologically intense experiences often create tensions, emotional patterns, and behaviors. As a result, we unwittingly change our instinctive reaction to...

Aug 17, 2023

As humans, we inevitably create tension patterns in our body from experiences we’ve had and the way we’ve lived. Those tension patterns can show up in all sorts of situations, from the way we talk, all the way down to the way we walk.

Using new and different movement to mess with those tensions and put a...

Aug 10, 2023

We all know that feeling when you’re watching a movie and you feel the stress and the tension just like the character on the screen. This is your body creating a tension pattern around something that you subconsciously enjoy.

There are many things people do to control these states — like chants or meditations —...