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Alive and Free

Jul 29, 2021

In our modern society, everyone rushes from Point A to Point B. We never give ourselves a chance to relax and do nothing. 

Yet we all wonder where our anxious thoughts and worries come from. Jesus was one of the most accomplished people on earth. And even he took time off. Maybe he was on to something. 

In this episode,...

Jul 22, 2021

Many people feel broken because they tie themselves down to false ideas about who they are. 

You’re not your habits, hobbies, and beliefs any more than you are your clothes. These are accumulations that make it impossible for you to change your life. And the more accumulations you have, the more divided you...

Jul 15, 2021

In the Bible, Jesus forgives an adulterous woman long before she forgives herself. In fact, he reveals to her that the only one condemning her is herself. 

Here’s why this matters even if you’re not religious:

Only you are punishing yourself for your sins, mistakes, and past traumas. This creates hopelessness,...

Jul 8, 2021

Most people think that addictions come from the substances themselves. Not only is this false, but it sabotages your ability to kick your addictions. 

The truth is: All addictions come from you. In fact, there are 3 components powerful enough to make anything addictive. If it contains these 3 things, it could become...

Jul 1, 2021

Addiction doesn’t say more about you as a person than a runny nose. But we often stop looking at ourselves as humans and start seeing ourselves as “addicts”.

Not only does this keep us enslaved to our compulsions, but it fills us with guilt and shame. 

The antidote to addiction isn’t creating more suffering....