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Alive and Free

Jun 24, 2021

In life, we focus on removing the bad behaviors, habits, and actions to become happier. But we never take the time to reflect on good things that are slowly sabotaging our joy. 

Take your phone and money for example. Both of these tools can help you live an easier and happier life. But they can also latch onto you like...

Jun 17, 2021

Too often in life we have a “poker face.” We hide our true emotions and pretend to be unfazed by painful feelings. We do this in our relationships, with our spirituality, in our careers, and on social media. 

All this bluffing and hiding your authentic self tricks the people around you. Not only does it harm them,...

Jun 10, 2021

There are several times throughout our lives when we’re chained to the couch and our motivation is depleted. That’s when we turn to Tony Robbins and other motivational videos to kick us into gear. 

But this is another subtle form of procrastination. Truth is, you don’t need motivation in order to act. 

In fact,...

Jun 3, 2021

12-step programs and other well-meaning groups have done a lot of good in the world. But they’ve also ruined people’s sense of freedom and joy. 

These programs try to help members escape addictions, but accidentally traumatize people into thinking they’re the only way to treat addiction, depression, and...