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Alive and Free

Oct 28, 2021

There are three levels to processing emotion. The first level is feeling like it’s happening to you. The second level is using your emotions as fuel. And the third level is seeing your negative emotions and creating a positive experience from them. 

Most people stay stuck in the first level forever. Which...

Oct 21, 2021

Everyone thinks we have to solve our problems right now. But one problem everyone faces is death. We’re all going to die and there’s nothing we can do about it. 

Yet when people are on their deathbed, they have an overwhelming feeling of surrender and serenity. 

What if you could apply this surrender and serenity to...

Oct 14, 2021

Did you know that Satan was almost never mentioned in the Old Testament? And he was always described as a person. He wasn’t some mystical, invisible force set out to destroy your life. 

Yet, most people who believe in Satan hand their life over to him. Believing in him robs you of your power to change your...

Oct 7, 2021

A lot of self-help books, secrets to success formulas, and online gurus promise you an easy path to getting everything you want in life. But it doesn’t work for most people. Worse yet, it can fill you with misery during the process. 

Here’s the truth about success: 

It doesn’t come from following a formula (even...