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Alive and Free

Sep 30, 2021

Most, if not all, all your suffering comes from one place. What’s this place? 

Asking the wrong questions. 

Here’s what I mean: 

You can phrase any question about your addictions, misery, suffering, or life to feel like a victim. But you can also ask these questions in a way that makes you the undisputed victor...

Sep 23, 2021

The Sermon of the Mount holds a ton of wisdom, whether you’re Christian or not. It’s a beautiful piece of scripture that teaches so many fundamental truths of life.

But most people miss a message that’s hidden behind a metaphor. That message could change your life. 

This episode decodes that message. 

If you apply...

Sep 16, 2021

Pop culture throws around the word “love.” There are several ideas attached to love, but they’re all wrong. 

Here’s why: 

Whether you’re listening to a song about love or watching a Disney movie, these ideas imply that love comes from outside you. 

But that’s impossible. Your emotions can’t come from...

Sep 9, 2021

Practicing martial arts teaches you more about living a life full of happiness than any self-help book or support group ever could. 


Because martial arts reveal how to use your environment and emotions to your advantage.

Too many people blame other people and their circumstances for how they feel. This turns you...

Sep 2, 2021

In our modern society, we put too much emphasis on our minds, thoughts, and feelings. The problem with this is your mind is just a fraction of your total experience of life. 

In fact, your whole body is a brain. And I can prove it. Pinch your finger right now and you’ll experience pain signals shooting up to your...