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Alive and Free

Nov 18, 2021

There are moral and practical rules littered throughout life. While these rules usually keep life running smoothly, they also create unnecessary suffering. 

Rules are for toddlers. And there are two types of rules that you must transcend to experience more success, freedom, and happiness. Otherwise, you’ll end up like a rambunctious toddler with helicopter parents who can’t experience joy. 

In this episode, I reveal how to transcend all of life’s rules so your compassion, love, and perception grows. Listen to the episode now.

Show highlights include:

  • How to transcend the various rules of life so you can experience a deeper sense of freedom at will (5:19) 
  • The counterintuitive way placing rules on yourself liberates you from suffering (7:54) 
  • The “Situation Shift” secret that makes your children happy to obey you (10:21) 
  • The weird way disobeying your rules and morals make you more virtuous and happy (16:20) 

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