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Alive and Free

Dec 2, 2021

Faith is a confusing term many people misunderstand. But it’s the most powerful force in the universe (even if you’re not religious). 

If you’re having trials, struggles, and misery, it’s because of your faith. And if you’re seeing miracles left and right, it’s because of your faith. 


Because faith either creates all your suffering and anguish or builds a life full of joy and freedom. 

In this episode, I break down what faith means in layman terms. Once you understand faith, you can use it to improve your life in ways that seem impossible right now. 

Listen to the episode now before your misery overpowers you. 

Show highlights include:

  • How to leverage the various aspects of faith to enhance every part of your life (even if you’re not religious) (4:50)
  • The weird way focusing on something without distraction for 5 straight minutes gives you superpowers (12:11) 
  • The “Mustard Seed” secret that unlocks doors of possibility for any goal you set (14:21) 
  • The “Leap of Faith” method for ditching depression, kicking your addictions, and experiencing freedom (16:59) 
  • The insidious reason looking for guarantees in life makes it impossible to fix your circumstances (18:28) 
  • The only source of all the misery inside you (and how to exile it for good) (21:04) 

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