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Alive and Free

Dec 16, 2021

Work is the biggest source of stress, misery, and overwhelm in the world. And it doesn’t even exist. Work is nothing but an expenditure of energy — labeling it “work” causes stress, anxiety, and misery. 

Since the Industrial Revolution, society brainwashed us to think hard work is a virtue. So we try to stay busy all day long at the expense of our joy. 

But there’s an easy solution for this: 

If you stop thinking about it as “work,” it becomes easier, more fun, and more fulfilling. And you experience a deeper sense of happiness too.

In this episode, you’ll discover how to never work again for the rest of your life. 

Listen to the episode before work stresses you out even more than it already does. 

Show highlights include:

  • How we’ve “hijacked” nature and transformed ourselves into productive machines (and why this saps your joy) (2:34) 
  • Why you don’t have to work hard and stay productive to be content (5:18) 
  • The insidious way homework brainwashed you into believing you can’t have down time without feeling guilty (6:27) 
  • The “Expenditure of Energy” mindset shift that instantly makes work more fun and fulfilling (9:16) 
  • The weird way removing “work” from your vocabulary makes exercising easier (10:33) 
  • The oddball “Quit Working” secret that melts all the stress off your shoulders in an instant (16:01) 
  • Why your own mind is the most common source of all your misery (and how to morph it into ecstasy) (21:22) 

If you want to radically change how much control you have over your emotions in as little as 20 days, you can go to and sign up for the Choose Your Own Emotion course. 

If you or somebody you know is looking to drop the ‘F’ Bomb of freedom in your life and break free from addiction, depression, anxiety or anything that’s making you feel flat-out stuck, head over to and book a call where we can look at your unique situation and give you the roadmap you’ve been missing.

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