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Alive and Free

Jun 23, 2022

There is a musical world all around us. Scientists discovered that even plants play “music” through their electrical signals. 

And your brain works the same way: It sends electrical signals throughout your body every moment of the day. These electrical signals either create “music” and bliss or “noise” and misery. 

These electrical signals have brainwashed us with the ideas of limitations in the human system. Here’s a practical example:

We think being an “addict” means we’re forever addicted to our vices. Of course, that’s not the truth. But we’ve trained our brains to believe it. And as a result, our brains produce those feelings. 

The fact is, every limitation you have is only a limitation because it’s what you’ve trained yourself to believe. 

In this episode, you’ll discover how to cut through these limitations and experience pure ecstasy every moment of your life.  

Listen now. 

Show Highlights Include

  • The weird way acting like a plant helps you achieve effortless happiness (3:31) 
  • How to change your worst compulsive behaviors, emotions, and addictions doing nothing other than becoming mindful  (7:26) 
  • The “Polygraph Detector” method for instantly noticing when your brain’s distressed (and how to morph it into serenity) (11:56) 
  • How listening to your breathing patterns and heart rates reveals what’s happening in your subconscious and prevents self-sabotage (16:43) 
  • 3 simple head massages you can try on yourself to force your brain to relax and melt your stress away (18:03) 
  • The “Chattering Monkey” trap discovered by Zen masters which burdens your mind with stress (and how to quiet it) (20:53) 

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