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Alive and Free

Aug 27, 2020

Most people suffering from anxiety think that it’s something they’ll always have to live with. But not only is this false, but it’s dangerous. 

Excessive stress and worry literally poisons your body. Anxiety is stress and worry on steroids, making it even more deadly to your body. 

In this episode, I’m tearing apart the dogma about anxiety and stress to help end anxiety, stress, and worry for good. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • Why the so-called “experts” are wrong about anxiety always being with you (1:24) 
  • How a coma can give you tremendous joy (4:36) 
  • The case for never worrying or stressing again (10:59) 
  • How your obsessive thoughts poison your body from the inside out (13:00) 
  • Why stress makes you stupid (13:58) 
  • How to retrain your nervous system so stress, anxiety, and depression melt away (17:16)  
  • The “Tiger trick” that instantly eases your anxiety (20:48)

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