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Alive and Free

Aug 20, 2020

Most conventional “experts” on depression are wrong. 

It’s possible to permanently dump depression. But not if you’re trying to prescribe the pain away with medications.  

Medications can’t solve the root cause of your problem. And while it’s not easy, you can make your depression disappear if you know the real reason you’re depressed. 

In this episode, I reveal why people become depressed and how to alter your thinking so you can get rid of it once and for all. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • How to deal with nasty emotions without getting depressed (2:18) 
  • The trick that makes every aspect of your life 100x easier (3:11)
  • How to create happiness out of thin air (even during crummy situations) (5:38) 
  • The “Body Language Secret” that turns depression into cheerful energy (6:45) 
  • The real reason most people can’t completely solve their depression (7:22) 
  • Why all the money in the world won’t erase your depression (8:29) 
  • The weird way food can ease your depression (15:42) 
  • 2 ways to alter your thinking to permanently erase your depression (16:41) 
  • Why trying to fight your depression always backfires (even if it works temporarily) (19:26) 

To listen to my hour-long conversation about depression and the depression cycle with two of my clients, head over to and enter your email address. 

If you want to radically change how much control you have over your emotions in as little as 20 days, you can go to and sign up for the Choose Your Own Emotion course. 

If you or somebody you know is looking to drop the ‘F’ Bomb of freedom in your life and break free from addiction, depression, anxiety or anything that’s making you feel flat-out stuck, head over to and book a call where we can look at your unique situation and give you the roadmap you’ve been missing.