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Alive and Free

Dec 30, 2021

Society has conditioned you to chase perfection since we were kids. Your parents praised you if you did your homework. And scolded you if you didn’t eat your veggies. 

This idea tricks you into believing your worth as a person is tied to your actions. You feel invisible when you win. And like an utter loser when you make a mistake. 

But nothing sacrifices your happiness and joy more than chasing perfection. And it’s not even tied to reality — your worth as a person has nothing to do with how smart, skilled, or perfect you are. 

In this episode, you’ll discover how to stop chasing perfection so you can experience happiness on autopilot. 

Listen to the episode now. 

Show highlights include:

  • Why you’re not a failure even if you’ve failed more times than you can count (4:55) 
  • The weird way eating your vegetables as a kid stunts your self-esteem today (5:37) 
  • The brutal truth about why Floyd Mayweather isn’t happy even though he’s worth a billion dollars (10:55) 
  • Why being ignorant is the easiest route to a happy life (and how to practice ignorance) (21:35) 

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